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Jackie's Cycle Oregon Adventure

The Best Bike Ride in America

The best way to sum up Cycle Oregon might be through the honorary title riders have bestowed upon it: The Best Bike Ride in America.

That’s because Cycle Oregon delivers the best combination of scenery, challenge, amenities, camaraderie and philanthropy of any ride out there. A fun-loving mix of back-road
 riding and two-wheeled tent revival, our event moves from town to town with 2,000 or more riders enjoying generous hospitality and providing direct financial benefits to our host towns as well as cycling-related causes throughout Oregon.

And it’s a new route, and a new experience, every year!  For 2011:


Ride Dates

September 10-17, 2011


Sutherlin – Cottage Grove – Reedsport – Bandon – Powers – Riddle – Sutherlin


You pedal; we’ll take care of everything else. Beautiful campsites, plentiful food, hot showers, massage, cold microbrew, Oregon wine, live entertainment and a fully supported route.

How Many Miles?

Between 410-499, depending on options and what you do on the layover day.

How Many Riders?

2,200 (approx.)


A stunning ride that encompasses fertile valleys, deep forests, rugged coastline and rolling wine country, 90 percent of the 2011 route travels on roads Cycle Oregon has never pedaled.


This is my (Jackie Brand's) personal account of my adventure at Cycle Oregon with my husband Mike and fellow Conejo Valley Cyclist. Would
 like to thank Willy, Scott and Rachelle, Mike, Douglas County Paper, Oregonian, and other Cycle Oregon riders for sharing their photos with me,
and for the support of Karl, Jan, Steve (and his two sons) and Mike Bass.

September 9, 2011

Our adventure starts out by packing up the trusty Dodge Durango and driving from Newbury Park CA on interstate 5 towards Redding Ca.
We stopped at Ryan's Place Restaurant in Los Banos for lunch. Near Sacramento we were almost involved in an accident. A dump truck, doing highway construction, pulled 
directly into traffic from a dead stop. Everyone behind the truck had to suddenly slam on the breaks. When I glanced at the mirror, I saw cars going in all directions.
The car directly behind us was rear ended and we were really lucky not to have been involved.

When we arrived at Redding CA it was well over 100 degrees at 5:00 PM. We met up with our friends from CVC (Conejo Valley Cyclists) for dinner.

Steve, Mike, Jackie, Mike, Willy, Karl, Jan
The next morning it was back on interstate 5, final destination is Sutherlin Oregon.


For lunch the group stopped in at McMenamins pub and brewery in Roseberug, Oregon. They are known for their fine ales and good food.

Mike, Jan, Mike, Steve                                                                Karl, Scott, Willy, Jackie, Rachelle

By 3:00 we reached Sutherlin and this small town was ready for Cycle Oregon with signs everywhere. We parked in a large field and pulled out our gear.


Local high school kids helped us with our gear and took it to the local high school.
                                                                                    Sutherlin registration
On the way to regisration I became really dizzy. I thought it might be the heat, because it was at least in the 90's, I walked it off. When we registered,
I was number 199, and Mike was #200. He was excited to have the number 200. This was his old racing number when he raced motorcycles. We wore
these wrist bands for ID and they provided access to the meals served at Cycle Oregon.

 wrist band                                                                                    Sutherlin High School- tent city

We then had to find our bags,                                           and set up our tent at Sutterlin High School baseball field

we then set off for dinner, drinks, and entertainment.
Food and Beverage Tent                                                             Entertainment Stage

Went to bed not knowing what tomorrow will bring, I am sure there are 2200 others feeling the same.

September 11, 2011
Day 1  45 miles Sutherlin to Cottage Grove

 We woke up at 5:00 AM and Mike and I went to breakfast. Breakfast did not taste good because my stomach was upset. I thought it might just be 
nerves. I wore my "flag" jersey for 9-11.
Jackie, ready to go.                                                         Karl packing                                                            Mike Bass packing

Willy, already showered, ready to ride                                        Rachelle and Scott packing up

We packed up and hopped on the bikes. We were the first ones out of camp among our friends. It was cold! We passed a lot of people, and we were passed a lot as well.
At one point I looked off to the right and saw a stream alongside the road. That's when my vertigo hit me. I called out for Mike and he helped me to stop.

We rested a bit at the first rest stop, then continued on.

Jackie at top of climb                                                                       Rachelle climbing

 At about the 25 mile mark, we had a long steady 6 mile climb with gravel roads and then a beautiful forest descent. 
We stopped for lunch at London School. We were able to sit in the lunch room and use the school's bathrooms.

London School lunch stop.
After lunch it was a flat cruise into Cottage Grove. Since I had vertigo earlier, Mike suggested to take it easy and not do the extended ride. I agreed.

Many did the optional ride around the lake.

Willy and Karl- covered bridge                                                       Jan and Willy at Dorena Lake                                           Rachelle and Scott at Dorena Lake

 When we entered Cottage Grove people lined the street and cheered our arrival. As we crossed the finish line we each recieved a small carton of chocolate milk.
We found our bags, set up camp, waited for our friends to arrive, and then went to dinner. The dinner line was very long (maybe we stayed too long at the "Beer Garden" with our friends?).

  long line for dinner                                                                            Flag 1/2 staff for 9-11

After dinner there were announcements, and entertainment. The 9/11 announcements were very emotional. Overall, I was pleased. I had a really nice ride; a good warm up for tomorrows 90+ mile ride.

Day 2
September 12, 2011  90.5 miles Cottage Grove to Reedsport

When I woke up this morning I was feeling nauseous. I had vertigo all night long and didn't sleep much. I ended up getting sick (Let's just say I was glad I had a plastic bag close by).
I didn't know if I was going to be able to do the ride. Mike volunteered to ride back to Sutherlin to get the car. I told him let's wait until after breakfast. I wasn't able to eat, but
I was able to bring the vertigo under control. I decided to stick it out. Once on the bike in the fresh air I felt better. I was taking it one peddle stroke at a time.

Early part of the ride we were with Scott and Rachelle. We climbed through re-planted forests, it looked as if the forest was out of focus.

Jackie                                                                                   Mike                                                                      Rachelle and Scott
The ride was absolutely beautiful. We met up with Karl and Willy on the first rest stop. Karl offered me a Power bar which I was able to eat..thank you Karl.
The lines were too long at the rest stop and I couldn't stand in one place for too long. Once we got to the lunch stop I was able to eat a pita with chicken. 
 Rest stop with Karl... is that a line for the blue room?         Lunch stop entertainment                                            Lunch stop parking

The ride through the canopy forest was beautiful, and long!
Signs remind you to fill your water bottles, and to enjoy  the miles and miles.      (borrowed photo)                                                           canopy forest road

Once we reached the peak at Oxbow summit, which hit an 8.5% grade at times, the terrain changed into farmlands with charming rustic barns.


 It's not all down hill to the coast. At this point (70 miles+) any incline is a climb.     Mike, Jan, and Karl                                                                               

Last rest stop (mile 95.3) we met up with Steve and his two sons, they took our picture. This bike was hanging just outside the rest stop. 

Greeted by Miss Oregon, her court, and towns people at Reedsport                                   (these photos from the Oregonian paper)  Reedsport campsite- porter tents

We arrived at camp fairly late. Everyone was so nice, they saved us a spot (Thanks guys!). Scott and Rachelle came in later, Scott had a broken spoke. 
 I didn't necessarily care for the layout of the Cycle Oregon camp, because we had to be shuttled to dinner on an old yellow school bus. We could have
walked, but I was still not feeling well. 

Before going to bed, I decided to prop myself in an upright position for sleeping. Mike arranged the tent and my bags so I could sleep propped up.
I couldn't have done this without him, thank you sweety!. The weather turned cold and wet so we decided to make it an early night. We stayed for
the announcements and went to bed. As you can imagine, after a 90 mile day I was very tired (I can't speak for Mike).


Day 3   Reedsport to Bandon 75.5 miles
September 13, 2011

I was up most of the night trying to get comfortable. Woke up at 5:30 for breakfast. I couldn't eat or use the
"blue room" (the outhouse). I couldn't take the smell and was afraid I would get sick. Fortunately, Mike spotted
a small coffee shop across the street. He talked me into going there and ordered me a hot chocolate, while I went
to use a "real" bathroom. What a guy! He saved me yet again. Mike did all of the packing, I was unable to even turn
my head, the vertigo was better I was not getting sick,  It was raining, well more like a drizzle which the locals referred
to as liquid sunshine. Everything was wet and we had to wear rain gear.

Morning drizzle                                                                                 Here is where we get our water, never complain about the water fountain again!

We traveled South on hwy 101. There was lots of traffic and it would get a bit tight when the log trucks rolled by. Winchester Bay Post Office.

 By the time we arrived at the first rest stop we were lightly covered with mud. We had joined up with Scott and Rachelle and rode the rest of the day along with them.

David Dewett Memorial just north of the McClullough Bridge, Coo's Bay Oregon                                                Scott, Mike, Jackie, Rachelle

It was really nice and safe that the Oregon State Troppers stopped traffic on the 101 to help the cyclists cross the highway just before the McClullough Bridge. 
This is where we turned inland to go around Coos Bay.

photo from Oregonian    Cycle Oregon crossing 101                                                                                     Rachelle, Jackie, and Mike 

Rachelle- back side of  Coos Bay                                                
Coos Bay
Coos Bay                                                                                       McClullough Bridge, we did not get to cross over it, we went around the bay.

  After second rest stop in the Fred Meyers parking lot at Coos Bay(Mile 33), we had to climb a hill with an 11% grade. Rachelle and
 I couldn't believe there was someone on a bike with large wide tires actually doing wheelies on this steep hill. We later found out it
was one of the mechanics from camp, photo below.

Lunch Stop mile 45.5 just before Cape Arago.
Over look                                                                                                      Scott at lunch stop                  lunch stop
Breathtaking views from the lunch stop.                                                                                                                            Jackie (it was cold)

Mike and I didn't realize that there were gardens here, Scott and Rachelle toured them. 

"Sag Van" taking cyclist who did not wish to climb out from the coast. Can't tell you how many loaded Sag vans pass us going into Bandon.
I have to admit near the end of this day everytime a Sag van went by I yelled "wait for me!".

It  became very cold and we decided to get back on the road. After lunch, we had to face "The Seven Devils"! These are a series of rolling hills.
It was a peak-and-valley roller coaster ride on the back roads north of Bandon that left me alternating between sailing down steep hills and
grinding up sharp grades. At the top of each grade the Devel # was marked on the pavement.


Climbing one of the the "7 Devils"

State troopers stopped traffic for us to safely cross over a draw bridge.


Riding through the golf course, golf carts have the right of way.                                                                     Bandon Dunes                                         
The last few miles had many encouraging signs.                 The town Bandon welcomed us with their art work.

To the finishing line in Bandon, ready for chocolate milk and hot showers!
 We put up our tent along side our friends in section C.          Pizzicato Pizza                                                       Tonights entertainment- Bike Gallery Rodeo 

We had dinner with Scott and Rachelle, that included Pizzicato pizza, beer and wine.
We talked, laughed about our day (and the defeat of the 7 devils), and discussed about what to for the optional riding
 day for tomorrow. We decided to go to town for breakfast. Great idea Rachelle! 
Went to sleep while listening to the band and to Bandon's fog horn.


Day 4 Bandon Port Orford Loop 67 miles
September 14, 2011
Today is an optional ride day. We awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, feeling much better. Mike and I woke up late and had breakfast with
Scott and Rachelle in Bandon at Lloyds restaurant. Another cyclist, Doug from Washington, joined us at our table. The most important part
of this outing, a real bathroom!
Jackie and Mike                                                                           Scott and Rachelle                                    Lloyd's 

Today on the beach in Bandon a Cycle Oregon couple, Glenda and Matt got married.

Congratulations!  Matt and Glenda                                                                         Mike cleaning my bike after yesterdays rain.

After a hearty breakfast, we decided to go on the optional ride as far as Cape Blanco to see the historic light house. The round trip is 56 miles.

Rode past beautiful beaches.

We had a tail wind all the way out. Unfortunately since we started our ride late, by the time we got to the light house the fog rolled in.

Jackie                                                                  Mike

Rachelle, Scott, Jackie, Mike                                                               Just an hour before we arrived, Karl, Mike Bass, Willy, and Jan enjoyed clear skies at the lighthouse.

Port Orford -Karl, Jan, and Mike (Willy taking photo)

We rode back to the 101 and headed back to camp. The return trip was going well, until I ran over a broken black rubber bungee cord going about 25 mph.
It jammed into my back brake locking up my wheel, causing me to leave a 20 foot skid mark. My bike was fishtailing all over the place, as time seemed to move
slowly, I remember putting on my front brake and trying to even out my weight on my pedals. When I slowed down enough, I tried to unclip, but just then
my tube blew. It sounded like a gunshot! I was forced to power out of my clips to avoid falling when I stopped. All of this happened while I was going downhill
crossing over a bridge. I worried about going over the edge if I lost control - wow! My heart was pounding. The skid left a 4" hole in my tire. The hole in my tire
was so large, we doubted a boot would fix it, so we flagged down a Cycle Oregon support van. Mike, Scott and Rachelle waited with me until the SAG wagon
arrived to give me a lift back to camp. The SAG guy seemed very impressed and gave me a high five for not going down. I did end up with a bruise on my
lower abdomen and a cut on the back of my calf; however, all in all I felt pretty lucky.

Ouch! Jackie's flat                                                                                      Sag Team

101- bridge where Jackie flatted                                                                Bike Gallery - where tire was replaced.

The rest of the group pedaled back to camp, while I was driven back in the SAG van. Back at camp, the Cycle Oregon mechanic put on a new tire, tube,
 repaired the brakes and replaced the brake pads. The mechanic only charged for the parts. There was no charge for the labor; Nice!

Patty and Steve-

We had dinner with Scott and Rachelle in the Beer Garden and was joined by another couple, Steve and Patty. Steve has cycled every Cycle Oregon
(24 counting this one) and Patty has done 14. We enjoyed listening to their stories of past Cycle Oregon adventures. After the announcements we
went to bed, and once again drifted off listening to the fog horn of Bandon.



Day 5 Bandon to Powers
September 15, 2011   59.7 miles

This morning I woke up feeling great and had breakfast with Mike. Willy, Scott, and Rachelle rode with us. The Cycle Oregon crew stopped us early on the ride to only
 allow one at a time to decend a steep hill. They were being extra cautious, because earlier that morning someone had crashed and broken a collar bone. 

Waiting                                                                                                Willy and Scott (CVC attire)                                  Rachelle and Willy

This was an easier flat day. We rode through some beautiful farmlands.

View                                                                                          Jackie                                                                      Mike

We were able to catch-up to Karl, Mike, and Jan at the lunch stop in Myrtle Point, a very small town. Unfortunately, our lunch consisted of "half-frozen" chicken sandwiches that had not completely thawed. Mike called them chicksickle sandwiches. 
lunch in Myrtle Point at Rotary Park

After lunch our route turned onto Hwy 242, where we came upon the "Bikes on Road" sign below. Good thing, because there were a lot of lumber trucks on this road. 
                                                                                                           Jackie, Mike, and Scott
A little further on we found some tree art:

As we pulled into the town of Powers, Willy unceremoniously dropped his chain. We waited just past the finish line for him and then cheered and rang virtual cowbells
for him when he pulled up. We all toasted the ride with chocolate milk. Each day chocolate milk is given to the riders as they cross the finish line. Karl, Mike, and Jan saved
us a beautiful camping spot next to a pond.

campers                                                                                   our tent,                                                                          Mike resting

Mike needed a well deserved rest. He had been taking care of me the past few days. Since I was feeling better, I went through the camp and snapped some photos so
you can see how well we are taken care of.

This is what we see when we first get into camp: signs!          Ben & Jerry's was Mike's favorite stop for a smoothy.           If you need a massage or accupuncture.
You first get your campsite, find your bags, set up camp         For Mike it was the smoothy first, then campsite...

Recycling a must!                                                        Cycle Oregon had six SAG (support and gear) vans.  Bike Gallery: this is where you got help with bike repairs

Showers! Hot water, felt great after a long ride.                     Affectionately call the "Blue Rooms"                             If you need first aid we had paramedics on hand.
We had 3 Oregon State Troopers to keep us safe  This is how we dried out our wet clothing and towels.       Food/Beverage and Dinner Tent

I can't forget the Beer Garden...that is where to find us at the end of the day.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of camp.

After Mike's rest we joined the others at the beer garden, where else would you find Bass, Karl, Jan, and Willy?

Jan and Karl....look at all those stacked used cups...(photo borrowed from Mike Bass)

 All the talk was about tomorrows big climbing day. We were a bit worried about tonight's dinner which was called Beef
or Veggie Tempeh Ragout...but it was delicious! Desert was good too, cheesecake. In fact, all the deserts have been tasty.
Can you tell I am feeling better? We listened to the announcements and headed for the tent. Fell asleep listening to the entertainment.

Day 6  Powers to Riddle 77.7 miles

September 16, 2011

The entire camp was awakened just after 3:00 AM by an air raid siren. My first thought was, it's a tsunami warning, but quickly realized
we were too far inland and in the foot hills. Then I thought it might be the local kids pulling a prank. The siren lasted for about 5 minutes
then turned off. We went back to sleep. At breakfast we found out that there was an accident on a local highway (someone hit a deer),
and the siren was to summon the volenteer fire department. We got up at 6:30 and Mike took this photo of the pond we were camped next too.

It was overcast/foggy, a bit cold.

Mike and I packed up and got an early start. We were sure that Scott and Rachelle would catch up with us. I am a much slower climber than the rest of the CVC'ers.
Cycle Oregon nick named today's ride "Stairway to Heaven".

           The ride of Truth.....egads!!  This is day 6 after all!                                                                                 First rest stop.

We started to climb after this stop. Mike would help me climb be by putting his hand on my back and giving me a push while we were riding. Wow! we started to pass other
cyclists on the hill. A women that we passed asked if Mike would help them. Looks like a money maker to me..LOL. Mike would push me off and on during the climb. I was slow
enough when he wasn't helping me he would quickly recover and help again. Now I know what it feels like to be a fast climber, thanks Sweety!

Here I am after the first climb. We have a lunch stop at mile 31, then comes the big climb.

Lunch break was always crowded. We had a sandwich, spicy chips, and a sprite. I felt ready to tackle the monster climb ahead...well maybe? 

The climbing was tough, but Mike really helped me to keep up my speed. The road was rough, turning into gravel at times, but the serene surroundings made it a worthwhile trade-off. 

Jackie                                                                                  Jackie and Mike                                                                  A long climb, we had the road to ourselves..
Yes, always ready to take photos (it was a long climb).  Almost at the top! 

Karl                                                        Willy

 Help is always near by. Some cannot make it to the top of the climb so they hitch a ride with the SAG van (parked behind the ambulance) . SAG stands for "Support and Gear"
 and always ready to shuttle riders to the top so they may do the descent or be taken to  camp. Cycle Oregon marks the course using pink signs.
This bicycle sign with all the bullet holes doesn't look good...

On our way down..yeah!                                                                Bottom of long desent, you can see the road in the middle of photo.

The ride into the town of Riddle was mostly flat but we fought a head wind. We bypassed the 54 mile rest stop because it was too crowded. We stopped later by the side of the road
 and found this lovely stream to enjoy. When we resumed riding we caught onto a group of riders and followed them into the next rest stop at mile 70. After that we got into the draft 
of a quickly moving two tandom train (22+ MPH). It took everything I had to catch them, but once in their jet stream, they pulled us right along into Riddle.  Chocolate Milk never tasted
so good!


We were not the last ones into camp. This surprised me because I climb and descend slowly. Although over the flat portions, speed wise, I can hold
my own. We pitched our tent on some soft green grass. I took my shoes off and walked in it barefoot.
Yeah! the hardest climbing day is over and I am still standing. 

Dinner was good with an Asian flare to it. I had a glass of wine to celebrate. After listening to the announcements it was off to bed. Many others also went to
bed after the announcements. It had been a long, tough day. Tomorrow is the last day. I cannot believe it has come so quickly.

Day 7  Riddle to Sutherlin ONLY 52 miles

September 17, 2011

Today we got up at a leisurly 6:30. No need ro rush, since today's ride is short with only two small, but steep climbs with 10% and 12% grades. 
I packed up the tent, tipped the local kids for taking our bags and we were ready to roll. Well almost; Rachelle had a flat, so we posed for photos.
Willy, Karl, Rachelle, Scott, Mike and I rode the last day together.

Jackie-Karl-Willy                                                          Jackie-Karl-Mike

As we rode out of town, we had to cross over several rail road crossings, which can be dangerous. The first rest stop came at mile 14 where we
stopped to visit the always popular "blue room". The rest stops are usually busy with long lines.
In line for the blue room.                                                       Rest stop at Umpqua College Truck School                            

This is me on a bridge over the Umpqua River. As Mike was taking my picture, Willy was taking Mike's.

We passed Dave..... while riding past the Roseberg Lumber mill.

steep climp ahead                                                           sag                                                                          on the climb (borrowed photo)

   Just before the 12% climb the SAG van drove by playing "Darth Vador" theme song.  The last climb was steep, but short. Many had to walked the climb,
 but I made it without help!!! Onto "wine country"

 Taking it easy after the climb                                         Mike taking a picture of the beautiful country side, Coles Cemetary is in the back ground.

Jackie enjoying the farmlands and gentle rollers on the last day of Cycle Oregon.

Melrose Vineyard- this was a food/water stop.

Rows and rows of grapes...                                                                     Henry Estate Winery; water stop

Before we knew it we were in Sutherlin.
                           hero's welcome by two city fire trucks.                               Around this corner the finsh line...................................................

           Finishing Line                                                                                    Mike crosses first....

              Jackie and Mike, happy to have finished!                                                                      Steve and his sons

Karl                                                                                                          Willy    
   Scott and Rachelle                                                           

                                                                                                                 Jackie and Mike

What a wonderful adventure this has been. Thank you again to all of our Cycle Oregon Friends!
Many have asked me if I will do this next year. Before I make up my mind I want to see next year's course and shed some weight, if conditions are right I 'm IN!


Below is  a short article how Cycle Oregon helps the towns that it visits.

Roger Bessey had heard the rumblings before the Cycle Oregon "Going Coastal" wave arrived.

Just be ready, said acquaintances in Sutherlin and Bandon, communities where the 2,200 cyclists had washed over earlier in the week.

So Bessey made sure the Powers Tavern & Cafe was well stocked with cases of craft beer, not just the locally preferred Pilsners on draft. The cafe also built up its beef patty provisions.

Then it hit, hard, on Thursday.

"It was awesome," Bessey said.

The 24th edition of Cycle Oregon, dubbed "Going Coastal," swept through southwest Oregon the past week, starting the journey in Sutherlin and ending in that Douglas County community on Saturday. The seven-day ride also visited Cottage Grove, Reedsport, Bandon and Riddle. In so doing, it brought its rolling thunder of economic impact to some of Oregon's most economically challenged areas.
Follow daily updates from The Oregonian's John Killen and Allan Brettman on their Tumblr blog, CycleOregonian
From its beginning, Cycle Oregon's roots were nurtured in money and not just axle grease. Launched at a time of financial hardship in the state, the nonprofit aimed from the get-go at providing its own economic stimulus as well as presenting a weeklong scenic and challenging bicycle tour.

For that reason, the ride's timing for the past week's route could not have been better. The unemployment rates in July in the counties visited: Douglas, 13.4 percent; Coos, 11.5; and Lane, 9.5. Oregon overall was 9.6 percent for August.

The jobless rate is probably double that in Douglas County, said Becky Holm, president of the Sutherlin Area Chamber of Commerce and publisher of the Douglas County News.

"It's one of the highest rates in the state," Holm said.

Cycle Oregon's visit last week was welcome. Figuring that each rider spends at least $7 in each town, a figure Holm said she'd heard, means there's at least $15,000 left behind by riders. It could come in the form of a dollar tip to a local high school student for carrying a 65-pound gear bag, or 10 bucks for a burger and beer.

In addition, Cycle Oregon pays a community $30,000 to $35,000 for services in each town -- to decorate a start and finish line as well as dish up food, said Jerry Norquist, ride director. Actual expenses for each town likely won't exceed $1,000.

Also, the organization has built a $1.5 million Cycle Oregon Fund over the years, providing grants to community projects around the state, such as providing lights for the Dufur High School football field.

The ride also has a residual effect, Norquist said. 


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